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Wing Wing

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Photos taken on Location at the Charing Cross Restaurant with the help of a Flat Lay Food stylist- Samuel Atruse, 2.5 days.

Shot on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, used VSCO to edit and Canva to create lists and logo.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 15.34.04.png

Project Name 02

The reason behind this campaign.

Wing Wing serves up great Korean Inspired food and has a cult following. The chicken is always fresh and never frozen, that's the magic to it. Wing Wing Charing Cross opened a year ago to much hype with the customers who already knew the brand. Right in the middle of London's busiest area, A flagship store.

The restaurant didn't have clear photos of what they provided. Menu boards were generic and one couldn't see the real 'physical' food they were ordering. Now, these shots are up as posters and found around the restaurants to better help customers decide on their order.

These have also been turned into reels and used as Social Media posts.

Christmas Karaoke Package Social 

Wing Wing

While producing the campaign for WingWing Food shots, the office requested for a Christmas Party Brochure to hand out on the streets and in the stores. Offices were starting to book for their year end get togethers and Karaoke and Chicken would be an ideal way to celebrate the end of a year.

Produced with Canva.

Photos are shot by me.

CHRISTMAS Karaoke poster-2.jpeg
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