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Artist + Social Media Content Creator
Social Media Manager for @wearewingwing 
Social Media Consultant for @drinkguerilla
Canva user, WiX user, Adobe Lightroom

A Bit About Me

Pandemic changes. My first career lasted 24 years, with the Fashion & Beauty Industry in Singapore, a 'Celebrity Make Up Artist'. Stage Demos, Training with big brands, Theatre, Advertising, Mags.. One day, my hands started to tremble. I think it was my soul protesting and screaming. That was the end of doing a perfect Cat Eye ever again.

2014, I started painting, it was an organic progression and was picked up by Interior Architects for loads of Hotel Projects, Tokyo, Beppu, Maldives...

It was all going swell- till 2020.

2020 put my art career to sleep but!, A Social Media Job landed on my lap, I thought I couldn't but who knew! 

I've always liked a challenge.


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